Picking some bones with you

We have been very slow to add new posts since the early summer, so to make it up to you here are some images of bone and teeth for you to answer questions about.

You should be able to find the answers by searching the Web and some of you probably already know the answers from listening to Rob and Henry. If you want to you can write answers in the comments at the bottom.

Also, if you click on an image a larger version should be loaded into your browser.


No prizes for recognising that we have some teeth of varying size and shape here.

We can see that each tooth has the whiter, bitier part of the top, and the long, darker bit below.

What material is the top bit made of? What is the bottom part of the tooth called?

What’s up with the third tooth from the left? It looks as though something has taken a bite out of it. What do you think has actually happened?


Next comes a bone with a big hole in the middle and smaller ones either side. Notice the four pads between each of the little holes and the big hole.

Any idea what bone it is and what the holes are for. Probably not ventilation is my guess.


Here is a much more straight forward bone.  It doesn’t look quite right though does it?.

What do you think has happened to the bone? Did it get like this while its person was still alive and using it, or after they died and rotted away?

Whereabouts in the body is the bone  from? How many of these bones are we usually blessed with do you think?

My guess is at least seven, but I could be mistaken.


Radii fragments from graveyard

Finally there are three broken bones. Can you see that the unbroken ends at the left are all strikingly similar to each other?

Do you think they all came from the same skeleton?

How much longer do you think the complete bones might have been and where in the body did they come from?

What is the name of this bone do you think?